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Covid Safe Accommodation:

Touraco Guesthouse puts special attention to keeping our guests safe at all times!

  • social distancing to be adhered to at all times
  • masks to be worn
  • proper sanitisation – Hand sanitisers (alcohol based) are available
  • temperature monitoring of guests and staff
  • relevant staff training
  • Screening of guests has become necessary
  • Complete and sign a questionnaire
  • Breakfast serving standards have been reviewed
  • Room cleaning to be reduced to minimize exposure &
  • Decorative items have been removed from the rooms

Touraco Guesthouse Booking Page. Thank you for choosing our 4-Star Touraco Guesthouse in Pretoria East. You can either book on-line by clicking on the link above,

or contact us directly at:

Tel      : +27 (0) 12 803 8585

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 411 6116